Our Policies:

We at Hair & Beauty Academy are more concerned about the dreams and well-being of every single one student. All of our staff is encouraging, supportive and friendly whether you are a student or still inquiring for a course.

We understand that it is a challenging experience to move away from your home country to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional make-up artist & hairdresser. It takes time to adjust to a new place and a new living situation in addition to the challenge of balancing the workload from the classes, our staff will be there to support you in this transition.

Hair & Beauty Academy is different from any other hair and make up schools since we help our students with their needs like providing information about accommodation, transportation and visa processing or even arranging tutoring and testing. We provide advanced level of education with an excellent support group from our staffs to help students throughout their experience.

Below are our policies and procedures to help maintain order and observe to the highest standards.

Refund and cancellation:

Attendance and Grade:

Student attendance and grades are the way we ensure high standards are maintained. We recommend students complete every course and exam with 70% or better, and must have attended at least 90% or the school’s stated requirement for each course. Each instructor is required to record attendance and grades in accordance with the school’s policies.