International Student


We always welcome students from different countries to learn the international standards of hairdressing & make-up. You don’t have to travel in US or UK to get their international qualifications since we are also teaching the same standards and curriculum from them.


A 50% down payment is needed in order to book a course. You can pay through bank transfer and send us a scanned copy of the payment receipt and passport through email.


The requirements for the visit visa for Dubai vary in accordance to which country you are coming from. Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) are not required for a visa to enter Dubai. There is a list of 33 countries which you can get visa on arrival.

You can get to choose between two visit visas, short term visit visa (30 days) or long term visit visa (90 days). If you choose to enroll in any of our courses, you should get a visit visa longer than the duration of the course.

With regards to this, we do NOT offer any student visa or visit visa in any of our courses. However we can provide you a stamped and signed enrollment confirmation letter that states that you enrolled in our course. You can use this one as a supporting document for your visa application.

Please wait for our email confirmation of your enrollment and payment prior to booking a flight and processing the visa here in Dubai.


Accommodation services are not included in our course fees though we have a list of optional hotels and hotel apartments which you can choose. We are not recommending any of the establishments on the list since we are not in partnership with them, this will be sent to you at your request.