Be a Model

Together we create a difference

Women are the most beautiful creature and their beauty lies in their acceptance. Accept to be different, be strong, and be comprehended. Beauty is pure, It comes from the right combination of personality, self-confidence, and (of course) physical attraction.
Woman either housewife or working lady have an innate desire to look adorable. They desired to be different, and have dared to be unique.
Hair and Beauty Academy offers such incredible chance to BE A MODEL for our students and get an exclusive change in your looks. Getting high-end haircuts and make over can be expensive. Luckily, some artists will be willing to give you a free haircut and make over if you’ll volunteer to be a model for styling students. As a model, you can get a high-standard style for cheap or free.
Your hair will be cut, you get a makeover and styled by students under supervision, certainly with minimal or no cost to volunteers. Some beauty salons may have a perimeter on how often you can go, and of course, there’s the standard disclaimer that something could go wrong, but you can save a bunch of money by going this route, and look good doing it.

HBA offers:

  1. -A welcoming atmosphere upon coming.
  2. Heartfelt and caring to client’s requests and requirements.
  3. Professional at all times.
  4. Students are considerate and courteous.
  5. Very well trained in all aspects of delivering a marvelous experience and outcome of whatever service is provided.
    If you are fascinated to be a model for our beauticians and hair stylists in training; please contact as.