Frequently Ask Questions

s a graduate of our academy, you can find job in many areas of the beauty industry. You can either work as a freelance artist in weddings or special events. You may also own a make-up business or become artists for major cosmetic companies. Others also work with photographers, models, designers, celebrities and actors for print ads, fashion magazines, runway shows, theater, film, and television. Some artists also work with dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

There are employers which contact us when they need an artist or team of artists for an event. As part of our program, you will learn how to market yourself through building your professional portfolio. Upon graduation, you may attend some career workshop, tradeshows and continue to communicate with the academy for further practice.

We encourage you to visit the academy to meet with our trainer, for you to have a look around the academy  and discuss about the possible careers in hair and makeup industry, We can also answer all your questions or possible concerns directly when you come here. If you will be able to inform us ahead of time, you can have a chance to observe some of our classes in session and talk with our existing students. We highly recommend that you talk first with our Education Counsellor or trainer before deciding to enroll to ensure that we will be able to meet all your educational desires and goals.

You can either visit first the academy if possible and be interviewed by our Education Counsellor or Make-up Trainer. You must have a strong desire to become a professional international make-up artist or hairdresser and be willing to work hard to achieve high standards. If visiting the academy is not possible, you may be interviewed through a phone call to assess your interests, abilities and goals.

The course fee covers all make-up tools needed for a specific course, photographic fees and materials. You are trained with specific brushes and products found in the kit. Due to sanitary concerns, we do not allow outside products to be added in your kit until you have completely completed the basic course.