MUD Certificate

Duration: 6 Weeks

Price: 24,600 AED

Beauty Essentials – 84 Hours

Make-up Theory Unit

Lesson A: Professionalism

Sanitation of tools, products and tips

Health & Safety

Lesson B: Gray Scale/Light & Shade

Lesson C: Analyzing the Face

Base Unit

Lesson A: Base Theory

Lesson B: Base Application

Practice: Base Match and Application

Corrective Unit

Lesson A: Concealer and Correction Theory

Practice: Correction Techniques

Highlight and Shadow Unit

Lesson A: Nose Corrections

Practice: Nose Correction

Lesson B: Cheekbone& Jaw line, Contour w/Cream and Powder

Practice: Highlight and Shadow for the Full Face

Eye Unit

Lesson A: Eyebrow Theory

Practice: Eyebrows

Lesson B: Corrective Eye Shadow Theory

Practice: Eye Shadow Placement

Lesson C: Eyeliner Theory

Practice: Eyeliner Application

Lesson D: Eyelash Curling and Mascara Application

Practice: Eyelash Curling & Mascara

Lesson E: False Eyelash Application

Practice: False Lash Application

Students Practice: Duplicate complete eye make-ups from fashion magazines. Natural look

Students Practice: Duplicate complete eye make-ups from fashion magazines. Fashion look

Students Practice: Duplicate complete eye make-ups from fashion magazines. Avant-Garde looks.

Lip Unit

Lesson A: Lip Application

Practice: Lip Application

Lesson B: Lip Shapes

Practice: Lip Correction

Practice: Lip Correction and Application

Beauty Make-up Unit

Lesson A: 100% Corrective Make-up Application

Practice: 100% Corrective Make-up

Natural Make-up Unit

Lesson A: Natural Make-up Application

Practice: Natural Make-up Application

Final Assessment

Natural Make-up Practical Test

Bridal Make-up – 21 Hours

Lesson A: Building your Bridal Business

Lesson B: Bridal Make-up

American Bridal

European Bridal

Students Practice: Bridal Make-up

Group Critique

Lesson C: Freelancing

Lesson D: Consultation

Students Practice: Consultations

Group Critique Consults

Students will conduct a consultation and make-up application with another student.

Group Critique Bridal make-up

Lesson E: Websites

Students will conduct a consultation and make-up application with another student.

Critique Bridal Party

Bridal Exam: Students will conduct a consultation and make-up application with another student in accordance to rubric.

Grade Test

Asian & Arabic Bridal Makeup – 14 Hours

Airbrush Make-up – 35 Hours


Lesson A: Airbrush Basics

Lesson B: Breakdown and Maintenance of the Tool

Student Practice: Breaking down airbrush

Lesson C: Basic Exercises

Students Practice: Basic Exercises

Lesson D: Base Matching

Students Practice: Base Matching

Lesson E: Base Application

Students Practice: Base Application

Lesson F: Highlight and Shadow

Students Practice: Highlight and Shadow

Lesson G: Highlight and Shadow for Beauty

Students Practice: Highlight and Shadow for Beauty

Lesson H: Foundation of Beauty Make-up

Students Practice: Foundation of Beauty Make-up

Review make-ups

Students Practice: Complete Beauty Make-up

Group Critique

Lesson I: Body Make-up

Students Practice: Body make-up

Lesson J: Avant-Garde Make-up

Students Practice: Avant-Garde make-up

Airbrush Exam: Complete Beauty Make-up

Grade Test

High Fashion Make-up – 35 Hours

Lesson A: Fashion History

Fashion Unit

Lesson A: Fashion Make-up

Students Practice: Fashion Make-up

Critique Fashion Make-up

Students Practice: Fashion Make-up Morgue Duplication

Group Critiques

Lesson B: Make-up for the Runway

Students Practice: Make-up for the Runway

Lesson C: How to design for a fashion show

Students Practice: Designing for a fashion show

Students Practice: Application of make-up based on designs

Print Unit

Lesson A: Make-up for Photography

Students Practice: Make-up for Photography application

Critique Make-up for Photography application

Lesson B: Working in the Studio

Studio Make-up – 35 Hours

High-Definition Unit


Lesson A: Television Make-up

Students Practice: Hi-Def make-up application

Critique Hi-Def make-up application

Film Unit

Lesson A: Film Make-up

Students Practice: Film make-up application

Film and TV Assessment

Film and TV Exam: Complete Beauty Make-up

Grade Test

Students are assessed in this course with a written exam of material presented in class and textbook. In addition, student’s practical applications of skills learned are assessed using a rubric. The rubric is attached to indicate the conditions required in order to pass. All tests must be completed with a score of 70% or better to pass. Students must also attend 90% of the scheduled hours in order to pass the course.

International recognized certificate, signed in the headquarters of Make-Up Designory (

in U.S.


  • Make-Up Designory Level II Make up –Artist Certificate (International)
  • HBA Certificate in Asian & Arabic Bridal (Local)
  • HBA Certificate in Special Effects (Local)
  • HBA Certificate in Basic Hairstyling (Local)


Student Discounts

  • Get special discounts from: Kryolan Professional Make-up and Inglot (25% Discount)
  • After completing the course, you will receive a MUD Pro Card which gives you special discounts in all MUD Stores across the world


  • Must be 18 years old upon registration
  • Copy of Emirates ID / Passport
  • No experience required
  • Comfortable casual dress code
  • Be able to read and understand English
  • Be willing to have make-up applied on you since you will be working in pairs

Class Details

  • 7 Weeks – Full Time
  • Sunday – Thursday (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM) with 1 Hour Lunch Break
  • Maximum of 10 students only, Instructor can give more focus to each student

Upcoming Classes for 2018

Batch 1: (Start Date) February 4, 2018 – (End Date) March 27, 2018

Course Fee

The items listed below are required and supplied by the academy which is all included in the total course fee.

  • Registration with MUD : AED 400 (non-refundable)
  • MUD Professional Make-up Kit : worth more than AED 8,000 (Airbrush + Foundation, brush sets, foundations, powders, lipsticks, eyeshadows and all make-up tools that a make-up artist needs)
  • MUD Beauty Make-up Book (Beauty, Airbrush, High Fashion & Studio)
  • MUD Workbook
  • MUD Examination Fee
  • Portfolio Building with 2 Professional Photoshoots with Professional Models

TOTAL COURSE FEE: AED 24,600 AED (5% VAT Inclusive)

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