Full Make-up Diploma

Price: 25,600 AED

Duration: 8Weeks

Course Outline:

Beauty Essentials – 84 Hours

Make-up Theory Unit

Lesson A: Professionalism

Sanitation of tools, products and tips

Health & Safety

Lesson B: Gray Scale/Light & Shade

Lesson C: Analyzing the Face

Base Unit

Lesson A: Base Theory

Lesson B: Base Application

Practice: Base Match and Application

Corrective Unit

Lesson A: Concealer and Correction Theory

Practice: Correction Techniques

Highlight and Shadow Unit

Lesson A: Nose Corrections

Practice: Nose Correction

Lesson B: Cheekbone& Jaw line, Contour w/Cream and Powder

Practice: Highlight and Shadow for the Full Face

Eye Unit

Lesson A: Eyebrow Theory

Practice: Eyebrows

Lesson B: Corrective Eye Shadow Theory

Practice: Eye Shadow Placement

Lesson C: Eyeliner Theory

Practice: Eyeliner Application

Lesson D: Eyelash Curling and Mascara Application

Practice: Eyelash Curling & Mascara

Lesson E: False Eyelash Application

Practice: False Lash Application

Students Practice: Duplicate complete eye make-ups from fashion magazines. Natural look

Students Practice: Duplicate complete eye make-ups from fashion magazines. Fashion look

Students Practice: Duplicate complete eye make-ups from fashion magazines. Avant-Garde looks.

Lip Unit

Lesson A: Lip Application

Practice: Lip Application

Lesson B: Lip Shapes

Practice: Lip Correction

Practice: Lip Correction and Application

Beauty Make-up Unit

Lesson A: 100% Corrective

Make-up Application


100% Corrective Make-up

Natural Make-up Unit

Lesson A: Natural Make-up Application

Practice: Natural Make-up Application

Final Assessment

Natural Make-up Practical Test

Bridal Make-up – 21 Hours

Lesson A: Building your Bridal Business

Lesson B: Bridal Make-up

American Bridal

European Bridal

Students Practice: Bridal Make-up

Group Critique

Lesson C: Freelancing

Lesson D: Consultation

Students Practice: Consultations

Group Critique Consults

Students will conduct a consultation and make-up application with another student.

Group Critique Bridal make-up

Lesson E: Websites

Students will conduct a consultation and make-up application with another student.

Critique Bridal Party

Bridal Exam: Students will conduct a consultation and make-up application with another student in accordance to rubric.

Grade Test

Asian & Arabic Bridal Makeup – 14 Hours

Airbrush Make-up – 35 Hours


Lesson A: Airbrush Basics

Lesson B: Breakdown and Maintenance of the Tool

Student Practice: Breaking down airbrush

Lesson C: Basic Exercises

Students Practice: Basic Exercises

Lesson D: Base Matching

Students Practice: Base Matching

Lesson E: Base Application

Students Practice: Base Application

Lesson F: Highlight and Shadow

Students Practice: Highlight an

Lesson G: Highlight and Shadow for Beauty

Students Practice: Highlight and Shadow for Beauty

Lesson H: Foundation of Beauty Make-up

Students Practice: Foundation of Beauty Make-up

Review make-ups

Students Practice: Complete Beauty Make-up

Group Critique

Lesson I: Body Make-up

Students Practice: Body make-up

Lesson J: Avant-Garde Make-up

Students Practice: Avant-Garde make-up

Airbrush Exam: Complete Beauty Make-up

Grade Test

High Fashion Make-up – 35 Hours

Lesson A: Fashion History

Fashion Unit

Lesson A: Fashion Make-up

Students Practice: Fashion Make-up

Critique Fashion Make-up

Students Practice: Fashion Make-up Morgue Duplication

Group Critiques

Lesson B: Make-up for the Runway

Students Practice: Make-up for the Runway

Lesson C: How to design for a fashion show

Students Practice: Designing for a fashion show

Students Practice: Application of make-up based on designs

Print Unit

Lesson A: Make-up for Photography

Students Practice: Make-up for Photography application

Critique Make-up for Photography application

Lesson B: Working in the Studio

Studio Make-up – 35 Hours

High-Definition Unit


Lesson A: Television Make-up

Students Practice: Hi-Def make-up application

Critique Hi-Def make-up application

Film Unit

Lesson A: Film Make-up

Students Practice: Film make-up application

Film and TV Assessment

Film and TV Exam: Complete Beauty Make-up

Grade Test

Special Effects – 21 Hours

Bruise, scrapes, and cuts

Open Bleeding Wound

Cold Sore /Scab

Slit wrists and slit throat


Bullet Wounds

Spots / Blemish


Pigmented Mole with hair

Severed Finger

Sweat and Sunburn

False beards & moustaches / stubble

Basic Hairstyling – 35 Hours

Straight Blowdry

Use of Wand

Use of Straighteners

Use of Wavers

Use of Tongs

Volume Blowdry

Half Up Half Down Styles (twists, top knots, etc.)

Students are assessed in this course with a written exam of material presented in class and textbook. In addition, student’s practical applications of skills learned are assessed using a rubric. The rubric is attached to indicate the conditions required in order to pass. All tests must be completed with a score of 70% or better to pass. Students must also attend 90% of the scheduled hours in order to pass the course.

International recognized certificate, signed in the headquarters of Make-Up Designory (www.mud.edu)

in U.S.


  • Make-Up Designory Level II Make up –Artist Certificate (International)
  • HBA Certificate in Asian & Arabic Bridal (Local)
  • HBA Certificate in Special Effects (Local)
  • HBA Certificate in Basic Hairstyling (Local)


Student Discounts

  • Get special discounts from: Kryolan Professional Make-up and Inglot (25% Discount)
  • After completing the course, you will receive a MUD Pro Card which gives you special discounts in all MUD Stores across the world


  • Must be 18 years old upon registration
  • Copy of Emirates ID / Passport
  • No experience required
  • Comfortable casual dress code
  • Be able to read and understand English
  • Be willing to have make-up applied on you since you will be working in pairs

Class Details

  • 8 Weeks – Full Time
  • Sunday – Thursday (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM) with 1 Hour Lunch Break
  • Maximum of 10 students only, Instructor can give more focus to each student

Course Fee

The items listed below are required and supplied by the academy which is all included in the total course fee.

  • Registration with MUD : AED 400 (non-refundable)
  • MUD Professional Make-up Kit : worth more than AED 8,000 (Airbrush + Foundation, brush sets, foundations, powders, lipsticks, eyeshadows and all make-up tools that a make-up artist needs)
  • MUD Beauty Make-up Book (Beauty, Airbrush, High Fashion & Studio)
  • MUD Workbook
  • MUD Examination Fee
  • Portfolio Building with 2 Professional Photoshoots with Professional Models

TOTAL COURSE FEE: AED 25,600 AED (5% VAT Inclusive)